Tangled Up in You

As a cop, Bobby Hannigan has made it a point to always be in the right place at the right time. Anything else could prove lethal. And it almost is when a gunshot wound threatens to end his career. His sole focus becomes recovery and doing everything he can to get back on the job.

Being a widowed single mom is not how Teagan Shaughnessy saw her future playing out, but she wouldn’t give up her son for anything. The last thing she expected when she moved back to the Carolina coast to be closer to her family was to find herself falling for someone new. Even if the timing couldn’t be worse, everything else feels oh-so-right.

Bobby and Teagan both thought they knew what their futures held but a chance meeting has them reconsidering all their plans. Because what’s a future without the person you can see by your side in every one of those plans?


The Shaughnessy Brothers, #7

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