Holiday Spice

Being the youngest of six and the only girl in a family of boys isn’t always easy. For Darcy Shaughnessy, that means having her older brothers chase away any potential love interest is just a part of her life, whether she wants it or not. The only hope she has of meeting someone, is far away from her brothers. Darcy just didn’t think that opportunity would come in the form of a snowstorm that leaves her stranded with a handsome, brooding artist.

There’s a reason Benjamin Tanner has chosen a cabin hidden away in the woods as his home – he loves his privacy and is perfectly content with a life of solitude and woodcarving. Then Darcy barges into his life and instead of walking right back out, she makes herself right at home and shows Ben everything he’s been missing by cutting out the world.

Ben and Darcy couldn’t be more different, but being snowed in together in close quarters has a way of breaking down barriers. But can two people who want completely different lives find some common ground before the snow melts?


The Shaughnessy Brothers, #6

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