Undeniable Love

A Small Town, Enemies to Lovers, Sports Romance from New York Times bestselling author, Samantha Chase

She’s a small town girl looking to escape her monotonous life.
He’s the NFL superstar looking to return to his roots.
Twelve years ago, he nearly destroyed her family.
Now they’re working together and the attraction she feels is…completely undeniable.

Lucy Dawson dreamed of leaving South Creek. But just went that dream is about to become a reality, the plans go out the window thanks to a two-timing ex and the wedding photographer they’d hired. Now she has to come to grips with not only having to stay in her hometown a little longer, but finding a purpose there. The last person she expected to give her that purpose and offer her everything she’s been looking for was the man who nearly destroyed her family a decade ago.

For twelve years, Jax Wylder has lived with the guilt of causing the accident that nearly took his best friend’s life. Now that he’s looking at retirement after a successful NFL career, he wants to give back to his community—and maybe help clear his conscience—by opening a camp for kids with disabilities. It won’t change what happened to his best friend, but it’s something he feels strongly about. When he learns that Lucy is a pediatric physical therapist, she’s the perfect person to enlist for help. Only he’s surprised to learn that she not only despises him, but blames him for everything that’s gone wrong in her life.

It doesn’t take long for Lucy to realize that she might not have the entire story about Jax and that fateful night twelve years ago. Now she has to balance making amends and fighting the inconvenient but undeniable attraction she feels for him. They have a lot to overcome, but there’s no denying that sometimes there really is a fine line between love and hate.


Wylder Love, #3

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