Made For Us

After this mother’s untimely death, Aidan Shaughnessy has always felt the pressure to take care of his siblings and make sure they always make their father proud. After all, isn’t that just part of being the oldest? By all measures, Aidan has found success and he’s achieved all this goals, except there’s still something missing. But to find that missing piece, he’ll have to let down the walls he’s spent his entire life building up.

The last place Aidan expected to find someone who could break through all his defenses is on one of his construction sites. But stunning designer Zoe Dalton, with her carefree and fearless attitude, is just what it takes to make him see just how much more he could have if he would just open himself up to the possibility.

When a storm threatens the North Carolina coast, Aidan realizes that you have to make the time for the things you really want, and if he waits too long, he may miss his chance with Zoe.


The Shaughnessy Brothers, #1

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