Valentine PR & Literary Management is a boutique firm at the forefront of author and publisher services. With years of experience in best practices for promotion and a drive for discovering new avenues and increased visibility, sales have never been more within reach.

Georgana (Nina) Grinstead

Owner & Publicist

Georgana Grinstead began her career as a corporate and nonprofit media specialist. She studied at the University of Texas in Austin before earning a degree in public relations and advertising from Georgia College State & University. Romance books, although not on the official curriculum, were her favorite subject then and continue to be long after graduation.

Her professional and personal lives inevitably came together in 2012, when she began blogging as a new wave of romantic fiction swept the literary world. Her knowledge of social media and her passion for promoting authors led her to a boutique public relations firm as a publicist, where she learned the industry from the inside out. Now, Georgana heads her own firm, Valentine PR & Literary Management, and is thrilled to utilize the full force of her knowledge and contacts to bring HEA’s to wider audiences everywhere.

Georgana is also a literary agent with The Seymour Agency.

A true southern girl, Georgana grew up in Texas and is currently living her happily ever after in Georgia with her handsome husband Charlie, two beautiful adult children Grey and Valentine, an amazing daughter-in-law Emmy and three rescue dogs.

Valentine Grinstead


Valentine is a graduate from the University of Georgia, where she studied Interior Design. While working her first job in Nashville, Valentine discovered her love of reading. Not really ever a fan of the written word but a huge fan of tv shows such as One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries and Yellowstone, Valentine was asked to be in a book club and from there has found her love amongst the pages of books. After getting bit by the reading bug, Valentine decided to come back home and work for the family company which is aptly named after her.

Valentine now lives in Atlanta, GA, where you can find her shopping, traveling to new places, discovering new restaurants and spending time with her rescue dog Millie. She loves working with authors and meeting influencers to discuss books.

Kim Cermak

Director of Client Relations

Living on Target runs and coffee, Kim resides in Ohio with her husband Tom, two children and two wheaten terriers who are forever keeping them on their toes.

Kim fell headfirst into all things book-ish back in 2015. She soon became a blogger & virtual personal assistant and hasn’t gone a day since without a book in hand. She lives for rom-coms, office romances and the hero you love to hate. She enjoys talking with readers from all over the world and adding to her never ending TBR list.

Christine Miller

Director of Audio and Vendor Relations

Christine is a 40-something mom who rediscovered her enjoyment of reading with The Fifty Shades trilogy in 2015. Since then she has immersed herself in the book world.

Christine joined KU Book Reviews where she met so many wonderful readers and authors who shared her passion. She is an admin in The Korner book group where she loves interacting with her fellow readers and audio listeners. She discovered audio books a few years ago and rarely drives anywhere without one playing in her car.

Christine lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two teenagers and three dogs. When she isn’t reading she is soaking up family time before her oldest heads off to college in the fall. She loves movies, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, volunteering at a local dog rescue and spending time with her family and friends.

Sarah Norris

Director of Promotions & Graphic Designer

Sarah has had a joy for reading since she was a young girl, and would stay up late, reading into the night. She loves all genres from fantasy and paranormal, to classic literature, but has a special place in her heart for anything romance.

Growing up Sarah dreamed of becoming an artist, and feels most at peace with a pencil in her hand, or with her nose in a book. She combined her love for reading and art by channeling her creativity into promotional graphics, where she specializes in flat lay styling. Prior to joining the book world, Sarah spent 10 years in dentistry, although claims to still be afraid of going to the dentist.

Sarah was raised in Northern Idaho, where she and her husband now raise their own children. They say they’ve been blessed with the best of both worlds, with both a son and a daughter. Together with their children, they love going on evening walks and hikes with their St. Bernard/Rottweiler mix, Rella.

Kelley Beckham

Director of Marketing

Kelley began working alongside Georgana and dove into the book world in 2018 near the end of her journey of raising three beautiful girls. She is enjoying a new life as an empty-nester with her husband, who is her best friend, her real-life Alpha hero and her college sweetheart.

​Her previous experience at a boutique PR firm in Dallas as well as chairing fundraising events for the Catholic Schools and other charities has allowed her to work closely with business owners and give them guidance to help their businesses grow exponentially. While working with our authors, she is looking for new ways to market and add value to their business and make them flourish!

Kelley is a Texas girl, loves living in Dallas, wants to travel internationally and enjoy more steamy books preferably near the ocean and sipping her favorite wine. Just like her relationship with her husband, she loves her romance characters to be passionate, sexy, strong, feisty, but also romantic and sensitive.

Meagan Reynoso

Director of Influencer Marketing

Meagan is a graduate student at Long Island University. While being sequestered at home during the pandemic, she rediscovered her love of reading. However, this time instead of Magic Tree House and The Babysitter’s Club, Meagan found herself reading epic love stories with swoon worthy characters. Her favorite tropes include small town and sports romances.

Meagan lives in New York with her high school sweetheart. You can find her hiking, playing with her fur babies, or with her head in a book (or kindle haha!)

Josette Ochoa

Director of Social Media Marketing

Josette lives in the South along the Texas and Mexico border where AC and iced coffees are necessities.

She also graduated from THE University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Advertising. She loves combining her love of reading romance books with her interest in social media.

Josette spends her weekends creating content for her bookstagram, baking all kinds of sweets, and catching up on the newest book releases. She loves to watch every single sport possible (and sometimes all at the same time). Her favorite teams are Chelsea FC and Real Madrid. She is also a huge fan of F1 thanks to the Dirty Air Series by Lauren Asher!

Ratula Roy

Social Media Manager/Client Relations

Living in New York, with her husband and two children, Ratula is always reading, chatting about books or adding to her TBR. She first started blogging in 2016 and hasn't left bookworld since.

Starting out as a voracious reader from a very young age, Ratula has always had a favorite character in her head and a book in her hand. Now she's guaranteed to carry thousands of them on her kindle at any given moment!

When she isn't reading, you can find her cuddled up with her children, laughing with friends, drinking a glass of wine with her husband and making all the best memories!

Amy Dindia

Social Media Specialist

Amy was born and raised in a small town in the foothills of Yosemite in central California. Having grown up in such a sheltered community, her best way to see more of the world was tagging along with her mother, New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy to book signings. Amy has essentially grown up in the romance publishing industry and has always been fascinated with what happens behind the scenes. Now she’s ready to start her own journey in the book world, and is looking forward to working in the industry with Valentine PR.

In her free time, you can find Amy exploring the outdoors, spending time with her friends and family and traveling around the world. She loves meeting new people and being social and can’t wait to get to know more people in the romance book world!

Megan Cermak

Social Media Specialist

Megan is a 20 something graduate of Kent State University with her degree in Human Resources.

She recently fell into the world of BookTok and became obsessed with reading. When she’s not spending time trying out new makeup or hanging out with her friends and family, you can find her cheering on the Cleveland Guardians!

Charlie Grinstead

Co-Owner – Business Manager

Charlie was born and raised in Georgia. He graduated from Georgia College and State University where he was destined to meet his Texas Rose: his future wife and business partner, Georgana.

He is our business manager. Using his many years of experience in banking and accounting to handle all things finance and accounting related for Grey’s Promotions and Valentine PR & Literary Management.

Charlie’s loves are his wife and 2 kids, all of whom make him proud, his 3 rescue dogs, and his motorcycle. He loves a great road trip and is always searching for what’s around the next bend!

Author & Publisher Services

Strategy & Consultation

We will meet to discuss strategy for upcoming releases as well as long term planning. We will help plot and plan your upcoming releases if needed. We will help with budgets and financial forecasting. We can also evaluate backlist titles, blurbs and covers to bring a fresh perspective to an older title.

Full-Service New Release Packages

We handle ARC sign up and distribution, Cover Reveals and Release Day blitzes and Release Boosts. We vet each sign up to meet the needs of the author for each and every release. We will also provide you with reviews prior to release day as well as a final report as a snapshot of what was provided during your release.

ARC Team & Bookstagram Management

From sign-ups to double-checking the timely posting of reviews, our team will ensure yours functions smoothly.

Influencer Marketing

We recognize that the methods of discoverability are constantly evolving, and offer several options for reaching as wide an audience as possible through our cultivated lists of influencers. We also mail books (frontlist and backlist titles) to influencers to share on their social media pages.

Covers, Blurbs, and Taglines

The most effective sales tool in your arsenal is a well-crafted, cohesive branding of your book’s tropes and tone. We will work with you on choosing covers that are marketable, blurbs and taglines that appeal to romance readers.

Graphic & Swag Design

From teasers to ads, readers expect beautiful, evocative graphics to convey the atmosphere and excitement of a story, which our designer expertly provides for avenues from reader groups to Pinterest–and everything in between. We can also help design swag.


We will arrange IGTV Lives, Tiktok Lives, Live Zoom events, Youtube live events, Podcast interviews, Radio Broadcasts for upcoming releases.

Goodreads Management

We recognize Goodreads is a vital part of your publishing experience. We offer Goodreads management services. We will work with the author on a Goodreads plan before/during/after release. We also incorporate sales and backlist into the plan. We also coordinate Goodreads Giveaways.

In-House Newsletters

We send weekly newsletters for Sales, Audio Book News, Throwbacks, and Recaps for the releases and cover reveals for the week as well as sign-ups for our open titles to over 10,000 influencers.

Vendor Relations

We work closely with AppleBooks, Barnes & Noble and Kobo/OverDrive to ensure that your book has promotional placement for new releases as well as keeping you up to date with all the new sales and promotions for backlist titles.

Audio Reviews

We have an audio review group which has over 1,700 members. We created sign ups using codes provided by the author to get reviews on audio books. We track reviews within 3 weeks of receiving a code to listen and review. Asks the listener to post a graphic while listening.

Verve Romance

We will work with authors to get books and excerpts on Verve to reach a different audience.

Additional Services

Marketing Analysis, Beta Reading, Social Media Management, PA assistance, NetGalley Management, Author Newsletters,
Backlist Management, Focus Groups, Vendor referrals and more.
Valentine PR does not organize takeovers, pop-ins, giveaways, newsletter swaps or any release parties.

Contact Us

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Valentine PR only works with authors in a full time capacity and we do not offer any a-la-carte services.

If you are not in need of full-time PR representation, please reach out to our sister company, Grey’s Promotions, for release promotions only at

Thank you!

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