Indescribable Love

A close proximity, rockstar, secret romance from NYT Bestselling author, Samantha Chase

He’s the pop superstar dubbed the friendliest celeb alive.
She’s the jaded publicist forced to represent him.
Working together should be impossible.
But the connection they find in each other is…completely indescribable.

Whenever his childhood became too much, Simon Bennett could always find comfort and escape in music. Like any kid, he’d thought about becoming a big star, but he’d never imagined the level of success he’s found. When documentary producers approach him for some behind the scenes footage for his fans, he isn’t prepared for the painful memories they unearth that he’d rather keep quiet. But when you’re known as one of the sweetest guys in the business, no one takes you seriously when you try to push back.

Juliette Bellucci has a reputation for being a strong and confident publicist. Unfortunately, when you keep working with celebrity trainwrecks who make the wrong kind of headlines, that reputation doesn’t mean a whole lot. And with her latest fiasco still in the press, she’s this close to losing her career and everything she’s worked for. Enter Simon Bennett–the quintessential good guy and her chance at redemption. After all, how can working with the nicest guy in the world go wrong?

Nothing about them makes sense, and yet the closer they become, the more they realize they belong together. Keeping their relationship a secret was supposed to keep them out of trouble, but when Simon’s past threatens to destroy his present, everyone is quick to blame Juliette and her bad track record. When the glare of the spotlight disappears, will they realize the indescribable love they share is the foundation to the future they both want?


Wylder Love, #2

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