A Dash of Christmas

It’s never easy to follow your own path when you’re a Montgomery, but nothing would stop Carter from following his dream and going to culinary school. After finding success in the restaurant world, he’s at a crossroads: stay on his current path, or look for a new challenge? But to make the decision, Carter needs some time away. And more importantly, he needs some time alone.

Thanks to her no-good fiancé, Emery Monaghan is at the center of a scandal and she needs a way out. Fast. She jumps at the chance to escape when her mentor Eliza Montgomery offers her refuge. She just didn’t expect that her refuge would involve dealing with Eliza’s son and her childhood nemesis.

Carter and Emery have spent most of their lives being rivals. But when fate—and a little bit of Christmas magic—forces them together, they’ll be surprised at just where their hearts lead them.

All books in the Montgomery Brothers series can be read as standalones.

**Previously published in 2019**


The Montgomery Brothers, #10

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