Bride & Seek

Cammie Parker is ready for a fresh start.

Just because she didn’t get her own happy ending, doesn’t mean she’s any less committed to helping other couples find theirs. And a new job with the event coordinator at a gorgeous mountain resort is the perfect way to do just that. It would be the perfect fresh start if not for her first assignment: helping her cheating jerk of an ex and his new fiancée plan their wedding.

Cade Taylor needs to shake things up.

There’s nothing wrong with loving what you do, but when your job becomes your whole life, something’s got to give. Cade knows he’s in a rut, but he just can’t seem to break out of it no matter what he does. When Cammie shows up in one of his equipment sheds looking like she needs a quick escape, Cade sees the perfect opportunity to put a little bit of excitement back in his life.

What starts out as a way to avoid her ex soon turns into a crazy—and sexy—game of hide and seek. But you can only hide for so long, especially if you want a real shot at your own happy ever after.


Enchanted Bridal, #3.5

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