Baby, Be Mine

Eight years ago, he broke her heart. Now he needs her help caring for twins.

Jake Knight knew only trouble could come from finding his ex-girlfriend on his doorstep with their twins. And he was right. Before he knows just how it happened, he finds himself a single father to infant twins without even the first clue how to care for them. In an act of desperation, he turns to the woman who still hasn’t forgiven him for breaking her heart.

Home on a sabbatical and ready for some down time, the last thing Olivia wants is to do Jake a favor. But with guilt coming at her from every direction, she reluctantly agrees to help him. It wouldn’t be so bad if helping him out didn’t also involve moving in with the man who broke her heart.

Jake is beyond overwhelmed and can’t even think about beginning to make things right with Olivia. But the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes the mistakes he made years earlier are one he doesn’t want to make a second time. Now he just has to convince Olivia he doesn’t just want a live-in nanny, he wants a woman to love.


Life, Love, & Babies, #3

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