Baby, I'm Yours

One night. Two fake names. Three years later.

Nicole Taylor had no idea hosting a pre-wedding dinner for her best friend would result in a face to face encounter with the man she shared her one and only wild night with. The same wild night that resulted in an adorable little girl. All Nicole has ever wanted was for her daughter to have a family. But now that it’s a real possibility, she’ll have to take a leap and find out if she can trust in a man she barely knows with the most precious thing: her daughter’s heart.

Three years ago, Josh Masterson lied, and he still has no idea why he did. He’s spent every day since his one night with Nicole regretting that decision, and now he has a chance at a do-over. The one thing he never expected? To find out that he has a daughter. But now that he knows, there’s no chance he’s walking away. If Nicole is willing to give him a chance, there’s nothing more he wants than to show her—and his daughter—what happily ever after looks like.


Life, Love, & Babies, #2

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