It all started with a bang.


Hooking up in the alley behind the local dive bar wasn’t my usual style, but after one martini too many, I gave into my impulses. I banged Roman Montgomery, former Marine and current hot AF bodyguard to the mayor of Seaglass Beach.

So I was shocked when I walked into court the next day and caught the eye of the defendant in my new land title case. The case I was strong-armed into taking—pro bono, no less—to pay the gambling debt my deadbeat dad owed the Capelli brothers.

Now I’m suing my one-night stand and his family on a dubious land claim. Even an embarrassing disclosure to the judge about my sexy conflict of interest doesn’t get me dismissed from the case.

I’ve lived my entire life following the rules, coloring in the lines. And I give my all to every case, every time.

But this time, my heart’s on the line—and I’m not sure I want to win.

Even to save my own father.


Seaglass Beach, #3

Release Date