Brides & Birdies

Always the bridal planner, never the bride…
I love my job, making every bride’s special day absolutely perfect.
Well, most days I love it.
But not today. Or yesterday. And definitely not tomorrow.
Because I’m planning my cousin’s wedding—her SECOND wedding to boot.
Bonus points: I got dumped by the best man and my family’s all over me about my single status. I’m a little salty.
One-too-many bridal brunch mimosas later, I bump into the Magnolia Point golf pro—and introduce him as my new boyfriend and plus-one for the wedding.
Before I know it, he’s spinning me around the parquet dance floor and everything between us is feeling all too real.
But after planning hundreds of dream weddings, I know true love is too good to be true and HEAs never happen in real life.
Why should this time be different?


Man of the Month Club: Magnolia Point, #1

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