Reeling Him In

What happens when Little Miss Sunshine wins a night with her archnemesis and the town grump, all in the name of charity?

I never participate in Candy Cane Key’s annual Manuary auction for reasons. Mainly, why would anyone spend money to hang out with me? Sure, I’ve been told I’m good-looking—in a rugged kind of way—but people aren’t my jam. Honestly, I prefer fishing over talking any day of the week.

But when my life-of-the-party twin brother comes down with food poisoning the night before the auction, I’m suckered into standing on stage for him.

Even worse?
The bane of my existence, Lark Meadows, is the highest bidder.

Now I have to spend the next twenty-four hours listening to her pitch the boutique inn she wants to build on the land next to my bait shop. The land I own and don’t intend to sell. Ever. I’ve already turned her down once, but Lark isn’t taking no for an answer.

Worst of all?
I’m starting to kind of like her. And we might have kissed. But there’s no way Little Miss Sunshine is going to change my mind. No matter how sweet she or her deal is.

This steamy novella is a grumpy-sunshine, enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity small town beach romance with a guaranteed HEA!


Man of the Month Club: Candy Cane Key, #N/A

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