Lights, Camera, Christmas

He’s a hometown classic. She’s a Hollywood has-been. Can he convince her that holiday magic still exists?

My agent tells me this is my last chance. I need to sparkle in this cheesy made-for-TV holiday movie or my career is over.

P.S. I HATE the holidays.

So spending half the summer sweltering in kitschy Candy Cane Key, Florida, filming faux Christmas cheer in the wake of my messy divorce sounds like pure agony.

Turns out, I’m one-hundred percent right about this job—everything that can go wrong does. From missing costumes to wildlife disasters (hello—gator on the set!), it looks like this movie might never make it into the can.

And the plot twist: one devastatingly handsome fishing charter captain, Maddox Banks. He’s the polar opposite of my ex—kind, gorgeous, and so full of Christmas cheer the man practically jingles every time he moves.

Will one night with him have me rethinking my grinchy ways? Because everyone knows Happily Ever Afters only happen in the movies.


Man of the Month Club: Candy Cane Key, #N/A

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