Snowed In With the Scrooge


This single mama needs a break before Santa shows up.
A quick, kid-free getaway to the ski town of Spruce Ridge before the holidays is perfect.
Well, almost perfect. Arguing with a handsome, grumpy stranger over the last frozen pizza at the general store isn’t the best way to start a vacay. Neither is an impending blizzard rolling up the mountain, but it’ll be fine. I’ve got wine, the pizza, and a hot tub.
Until I accidentally lock myself out of the rental cabin.
Wearing only my bikini.
In a blizzard.
Not ideal.
My only option is trudging to the cabin next door and asking for help.
And of course, the neighbor happens to be Mr. Hottie Grumpypants from the general store —the same guy I kinda, sorta managed to grab the last frozen pizza from— and he’s still salty about it.
When the power goes out, we’re trapped together in his cabin with only the fire for warmth. Sparks fly, things quickly heating up between us, and now Christmas is looking a whole lot merrier.
But is this self-proclaimed workaholic scrooge interested in building a life with a sunshiny single mom like me, or will the holiday magic vanish come January?

This story has earned the Stand Out Story Award from Last Chapter Press.


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