My Charming Holidate

She’s going to blame everything on the mistletoe, the eggnog, and the flushed elf. He needs a couch to sleep on and hers is available. Even if he’s charming, is kissing your best friend ever a good idea?

We’ve been best friends since the third grade and he’s never made a move.
When Wes left for med school and never came home, I moved on.
Now he’s back in Snow Valley for the holidays—and so is the spark between us.
Wes is thoughtful, funny, and makes one handsome pear tree.
But will he vanish at midnight like Santa?

It’s always been her.
Stella was my first crush, the first girl I ever loved.
But I never found the courage to ask her out.
Now I’m home for the holidays and end up sleeping on her couch, courtesy of a flooded bathroom.
Stella’s sweeter than Christmas cookies, creative, and feels like home.
Can I finally convince the Queen of Christmas to be mine forever?


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