He’s not my type. So why is this grumpy baseball star living rent-free in my head?

Griffin Carter.
Tall, dark, and d*ck-ish—and not in a good way.

Ever since the surly injured pro baseball player rolled into town for a rehab vacation, he’s been an absolute downer.

Rude. Condescending. And unfortunately, sexy as hell.

When his aunt falls and breaks her wrist, he’s stuck running Seaglass Scoops, the ice cream parlor adjacent to my family inn. After scooping one too many cones together, Griffin’s gruff exterior begins to melt and I catch a glimpse of the real him.

I should stick to the plan and not get involved. But after one taste of him, I’m not sure I can resist temptation. I know I’m setting myself up for heartbreak—he’s leaving as soon as he gets the all-clear from the team doctor.

Besides, everyone knows baseball is his true love—but maybe I can convince him life after baseball can be just as sweet?


Seaglass Beach, #2

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