While You're There

Not even forever would be long enough for this love.

Everhett Wheeler got the girl. And not just any girl, his girl. The love of his life. The counterpart of his soul. The woman he’s been pursuing for the last ten years. Loving Tori comes as naturally as breathing, and he knows that marrying her will be the privilege of a lifetime.

Victoria Thompson is giving herself permission to be loved. After years of resisting her undeniable connection to her best friend, she’s finally ready to surrender. Accepting Rhett’s proposal of forever is easier than she expected and more fulfilling than she ever dreamed. Now that she’s done trying to keep him at arm’s length, she knows that his arms are the only place she was ever meant to be.

But Rhett and Tori made harrowing, destructive choices on their unconventional path to happily ever after, and choices always have consequences. With more than just physical distance threatening to tear them apart, they must trust in their newly rekindled love to navigate what comes next.

Can Rhett uphold all the hastily made promises that now seem so hard to keep? Can Tori muster the strength to support her man while she faces the reality of her own greatest fears? Not even forever would be long enough for this love—but what if forever isn’t an option anymore?


Hampton Hearts, #2

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