When You're Home for the Holidays

’Twas the week before Christmas,
And all through the cabin.
Little Penny was barking,
Jake and Fielding were laughin’.

And though not without worry,
Tori kept it together.
For she knew Rhett would be there,
Despite the harsh weather.

Then finally he arrived,
Amidst all of the strife.
To enjoy their first Christmas,
As husband and wife.

And celebrate they did,
In ways naughty and nice.
For it wasn’t just Santa,
Coming that Christmas Eve Night.

All your Hampton favorites,
Shacked up in one place.
To spend quality time,
And slow down their pace.

A spicy novella,
That’s heartfelt and tender,
When You’re Home for the Holidays
Will be one to remember!


Hampton Hearts, #3

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