Too Far

I never considered how far I’d go to protect those I love.

Not until now.
Not until them.
Locke. Kylian. Kendrick. Decker.

The boys of Lake Chapel own me: mind and body, heart and soul.
I’ll fight for them. Wait for them. Root for them and support them through anything.

Because what we’re building together is a forever kind of love.

Every word will be dissected, every move recorded, but the cameras and media scrutiny are temporary.

We cling to private moments away from the mansion and hold out hope that life won’t always be this hard.

But when a terrifying encounter with parallels to the past leaves us shaken, Decker takes drastic action.

And despite our whispered promises and dreams for the future, what we share may not be enough to survive the pressure of what comes next.

The boys of Lake Chapel taught me that love can be limitless.
No one warned me what can happen when love is pushed too far.


Boys of Lake Chapel, #3

Release Date