Too Safe

Never let them get you to the second location.
Even if that location happens to be a lakeside mansion home to four hot-as-sin men.

After years of living in survival mode, I’m finally hitting rewind on the story of my life. There’s nothing standing in the way of my bright future at Lake Chapel University.

Or so I thought.

Being ambushed by four devastatingly attractive football players wasn’t on my bingo card. Ironically, they seem just as stupefied by me as I am of them.

There’s Decker: the brooding, scowling leader. Then Kylian: the iPad-wielding nerd. Next is Kendrick: the gruff, gorgeous jock. And finally, Locke: the huge, tattooed emo boy.

It’s the last one that catches my eye.

As the recipient of the Crusade Scholarship, I’m here on a full ride, and I intend to make the most of my education. But a girl’s allowed to have a little fun, right?

That’s how I find myself hooking up with the right guard of the Lake Chapel Crusaders at the first party of the school year. My plan for a casual fling is derailed a few days later when I unexpectedly run in to a couple of the guys outside of school.

Now Decker Crusade thinks I saw something I shouldn’t have, and he’s decided the only way to control the narrative is to control me. There’s nowhere to run, considering Decker and his boys live in a lakeside mansion that can only be accessed by boat.

Apparently, I live here now, too.

They think they can keep me captive indefinitely, but there’s something about me they’ve sorely underestimated: my will to finally live.


Boys of Lake Chapel, #1

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