When You're Gone

He never thought they’d get forever. She never thought it would feel like this.

Victoria Thompson has so much to be grateful for. She finally got the risk-reducing surgeries that granted her a new lease on life. Now she gets to spend the rest of forever loving the man who has always been by her side. Against all the odds, it all worked out. But despite clearing every health hurdle and emotional hang-up, nothing feels like she thought it would.

Everhett Wheeler knows his priorities these days: taking care of his wife, maintaining his sobriety, and proving himself at work. He hates that they’re still living apart and playing the long-distance game, but he promised Tori he could be patient. If this is what it takes to guarantee forever, he’s all in.

When Tori and Rhett each receive life-altering news on the same weekend, it feels like the ground shifts beneath their feet in different directions. Tori doesn’t have it in her to make the sacrifices that need to be made. Rhett doesn’t know what to do when he asks for help and she refuses him. After everything they endured to get to this place, happily ever after wasn’t supposed to feel like this.

Tori’s deepest fears are behind her, and Rhett’s biggest dreams are within his grasp. Can their once-in-a-lifetime love be enough to propel them into the future, together? They had forever once. What if that version of forever is all they get?


Hampton Hearts, #4

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