When You're Home

A soul-deep connection.
An unconventional relationship with peculiar conditions.
One unforgettable weekend that changes everything, forever.

Victoria Thompson knows exactly what she wants in life: to finish her graphic design degree so she can land a full-time job with benefits, to spend her free time painting when she’s not working alongside her best friends at Clinton’s Family Restaurant, and to continue her no-strings-attached relationship with her ex-boyfriend without letting him get too close.

She knows that loving Rhett—her favorite person, her best friend since childhood, her steady and devoted golden boy— means letting him go eventually. But she’s not ready to let him go yet.

Her proposed arrangement is simple. They can be friends-with-benefits when he’s home in Hampton, Ohio as long as he promises to date other people when he’s back at school.

Everhett Wheeler is a man with a detailed plan: graduate with his MBA, then move to Virginia to take his rightful place in the executive suite at his grandad’s company. He’s calculated, confident, and self-assured. The one thing he can’t predict is what will happen to his relationship with Tori once he moves away for good.

He has always wanted more, and she knows it. But in a battle of wills, she always wins.

After an unplanned weekend together, Tori and Rhett start to question whether the arrangement they’ve relied on for the last three years is too much or just not enough. Is it time to go their separate ways? Do they have the courage to commit to a real relationship? Or will a series of surprise visits, soul-crushing lies, and unexpected news tear them apart before they can even try?


Hampton Hearts, #1

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