Fourth Wheel


I’ll admit it: I knew exactly who he was when I walked into The Oak that night.

I probably should have just left him alone. But I was bored. And he’s gorgeous, just like his brother. How was I supposed to resist?

The kiss we shared was scorching hot. But it was nothing compared to the intensity of his anger when he realized who I was, and who I’m related to.

His hostility fuels me. His resistance makes me push harder. He made this into a game I’m determined to win.

Whether he likes it or not, I’ve officially set my sights on Dempsey Haas.


He called her Fourth Wheel. There was a familiarity between them that should have told me she was off limits. But there was just something about that girl.

Something familiar.

Something forbidden.

Something so damn tempting.

Her timing is impeccable. I’ve never felt more lonely or listless in my life.

I’m not looking for a relationship, or even a fling. Especially not with someone seven years younger who happens to be related to the two people my brother hates most.

But the way my entire body responded to her when she pushed me against that clock tower and kissed me? That’s a moment that’ll stay with me forever.

I had my fun. Now I have to lock it down.

Whether she likes it or not, I’ve officially declared Maddie Wheeler off limits.

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