So Wrong

No wrong moves.

Those were the words the first boy I ever loved whispered in my ear on graduation weekend.

Naively, I believed him. Now those three little words feel like a bad omen I can’t escape.

Every move I’ve made since I returned to South Chapel hurts my ex-boyfriend, Greedy. But it’s for his benefit. That’s what I tell myself. Intentionally hurting him is for the best.

It has to be. I said goodbye to the possibility of forever with him the moment my mom and his dad “introduced us” at their engagement dinner.

Three years have passed, but that doesn’t matter to Greedy. He’s hell-bent on making sure I remember it all.

On my darkest nights, the memories win. Since his bedroom is just two doors down, he’s the anchor I seek when it all feels like too much.

But now Greedy’s best friend is back in town, and he and I are “dating” to get his meddling mother off his back. Not only is Levi my new fake boyfriend, but he’s also our new roommate, too.

No wrong moves, Greedy assured me years ago.

What if there are no right moves either?

So Wrong is the first book in the Boys of South Chapel series. It is a steamy second chance why choose romance. A full list of tropes and triggers can be found on the author’s website.


Boys of South Chapel, #1

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