Eye of the Storm

Holly Abrams considers herself an easy-going person, but when her demanding boss calls her at two a.m. asking to be picked up from the office amid a raging storm, that’s where she draws the line. She quits on the spot, not caring about the consequences. But of course, her boss refuses to accept her resignation.

Stephen Ballinger isn’t one to accept being inconvenienced, much less by the people who work for him. When Holly quits, he refuses to accept and instead insists she to ride out the tropical storm in his home with him. Forced to spend time together without the usual distractions of work, it doesn’t take long for their working relationship to become a passionate one.

Stephen knows Holly will be out the door the minute the storm was over, and he would do anything to make her stay. He just needs to give her a reason that will make it impossible to walk away…a reason that has nothing to do with work.

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