Queen of Broken Hearts


In another life, Rose White was the woman who brought kings to their knees. They started wars for her and burnt down entire kingdoms. All for her beauty, for her charisma, and her sex appeal.
I made a mistake by looking into her eyes. She caught me and cursed me into loving her. She trapped me in her web and has kept me to herself ever since.
Now I worship her altar. I give her my heart and my body, I bend to her will and let her use me as she wishes.
I would do anything for her love. The problem is…I’m not the only one.
So on this Halloween night, her birthday, all I ask is to be the only one.

Just for one night, Rose, let’s play it my way.

And tomorrow, I can go back to being just another subject. Another heart the Queen breaks when she pleases.

This book is a FF novella of approximately 27k. It's a dark romance in the Stoneview world and is intended for mature readers, please read the author's trigger warning in the book.


Rose's Duet

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