Beautiful Fiend

She only wants one thing; to leave their broken town.
He only wants one thing; her.

When you were born on the North Shore of the Falls, that’s where you stay. There is no way out, no fairy-tale like escape, no hope. Our broken town has always been at war. Two gangs fighting to take over the shithole we’re all stuck in. I only know one girl who wants to leave this place. Me.

I’ve always been a tough, North Shore girl. Fighting is in my blood, survival in my DNA.
But two years ago, Caden King broke me, and he has proof of it.
Now he wants to blackmail me into doing a job for him. The kind that puts my chance of escaping the North Shore at risk. The kind that means betraying my own crew.
He’s on me at all times, his dangerous mind always working on ways to torment me further.

Caden is wicked, unhinged. The North Shore Kings wear his name because of the vicious ways his family has been leading their crew.
Everyone always says there’s no point in fighting him. He has that madness in him that blurs the line between right and wrong. Now he's got his hold on me, and I have nothing and no one to protect me from him.

There’s no way to win.
No way to escape him.

I’m left with no choice but doing exactly what I’m told.


North Shore Stories, #1

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