King of My Heart


I’ve had enough trouble to last me a lifetime. And yet, it doesn’t stop fate from trying to screw me over and over again.

I had barely tasted the freedom of having put my abusive foster dad away when I got kidnapped by his rivals.
I was able to think about a lot of things during the two years I disappeared. What is important in life? What matters to me? What did I take for granted?

I’m sure our town of Stoneview has never been more peaceful than without me and all the troubles I brought along.

Tough. I’m back now. Everyone thinks I’m going to be meek, controlled, tamed. Don’t they know me? Fighting is all I have ever done. Fury is all I know.

I’ve got two things on my mind. Take back the girl I’ve always loved. Get revenge on my childhood best friend for his betrayal.

I wasn’t prepared for the fact that Rachel is now engaged to a man who doesn’t deserve her. Or that Sam was already plotting a revenge of his own.

She wants to make me her dirty secret and he wants to use me to find the men who took me.

But they should know how stubborn I am. They should know what I want, I get. Their addiction to me only means I own them. Their twisted games only mean I can’t trust them.

But mainly? They should never trust me.

This is a dark, polyamorous, LGBTQIA+ romance and is for 18+ readers only. It contains MM, MF, FF, and MMFF scenes as well as scenes some readers may find triggering. Please, heed the author’s warning in the book.

This book is approximately 105,000 words and is the first part of a duet. King of My heart it is in the Stoneview world but can be read separately from the Stoneview Stories Trilogy, although it may contain spoilers from the other books. It is advised, though not necessary, to read the novella prequel, Queen of Broken Hearts prior to this book.


Rose's Duet, #1

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