Heartless Beloved

I’m from a place where you eat or get eaten. Two gangs are at war, and I’m hungry for survival.

Growing up in a broken town doesn’t make you a good man. In fact, the North Shore of the Falls has made me merciless.
I survive because I’m a good soldier for the North Shore Crew. I’m cool-headed, I never lose sight of my goals, and my only obsession is to wrench our town from the clutches of our sworn enemies, the Kings.

Alexandra Delacroix is just a job. Plain and simple. She lives in our neighboring town, in the millionaires’ heaven they call Stoneview.
The plan is straightforward: charm her, uncover incriminating information about her senator father, and tip the balance of power in our favor.

But unlike the other rich girls from Stoneview I use as toys, Alexandra is kind, selfless… sweet. Sickeningly so. A bright pink cupcake with glitter and sprinkles on the icing. That kind of sweet.

We have nothing in common. Nothing but the secrets we keep.

And before I know it, my priorities change.

Before I know it… Alexandra Delacroix is my new obsession.


North Shore Stories, #2

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