Giving In

Jake White is our king. A king with a crown of thorns, a heart of stone, and evil in his soul. He hides it well though, under a beautiful smile and eyes that ravage your heart. But Stoneview Prep’s golden boy has always had a dark aura around him. Like a well-guarded secret. A blackness that he never lets anyone see.
"Curiosity killed the cat, Jamie." My mom always tells me. She never said it would get me in more trouble than I could handle. She never said it would throw me into the dark world of Jake White. And when I not-so-accidentally find out part of Jake’s past, I finally learn the consequences of mischievous nosiness.

Curiosity doesn’t kill this cat. It turns it into a mouse to be played with. At least that’s what Jake decided.

Three years. That’s how much my twin and I got of freedom before our past caught up with us. We were doing well, we were being good, we were keeping out of trouble. Most of all, I was in control.
But trouble always finds a reason to make its way back to us. And when it does, Jamie Williams is here to witness it.

In the morning I learned of her existence, in the afternoon she was spying on me like a fangirl. This girl is desperate to find out what’s behind the golden boy’s facade I was kind enough to put on.
So be it.

I have time on my hands, darkness on my mind, and a hundred ways to make Jamie Williams bend to my will.


Stoneview Stories, #1

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