Ace of All Hearts


They call it Stockholm Syndrome. When you develop positive feelings toward your captor.
But I’m a genius. I’m smart, I’m cunning, and I know that would never happen to me…right?

He promised he would find me if I escaped, and Viktor Volkov always keeps his promises.
I now have sixty days to say my goodbyes. Sixty days of freedom left before I have to go back to him for good.

A lot can happen in that time.

A lot can change in my untamed heart.

I’m not sure the games I played with Lik, Sam, and Rachel are worth it anymore. Not when my heart feels fractured from their betrayal. But I’ve never been good at staying away from the people who hurt me.

And if they find out my secret… If they learn the truth about me and Viktor… They will never forgive me.

I have sixty days to get myself out of this mess.

Sixty days until we find who of us has the strongest hand. The mightiest card in our dangerous games.

The Ace of all hearts.


Rose's Duet, #2

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