Second Chance at Us

I don’t believe in second chances. Then again, I didn’t believe in love until I met Blake Fulton.

Fifteen years ago, we were opposites who didn't attract. He was quiet and kept to himself in high school. I hung with the cheerleaders and the rowdy football crowd.

But on the worst day of my life, he rescued me, bought me a burger, and kissed me better than any of the football guys ever did. I fell hard.

Then he ghosted me and broke my heart.

Now he’s back, charming and drop-dead gorgeous, with mesmerizing blue eyes, a devilish smile, and a razor-sharp wit. He also owns some of San Francisco’s trendiest restaurants and it’s damn hot in his kitchen.

He wants to explain the past and prove he’s a better man now. I just want to resist.

But there’s something about Blake… the way he ignites a fire that burns only for him, the way he knows what I need even before I do. The way he owns every kiss...

I could fall for him all over again.

But I don’t believe in second chances. Do I?


Berkeley Hills, #2

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