Playing for You

You know the fantasy about the gorgeous soccer star who picks you from a crowded room and leaves you with an epic kiss? That’s my life, except I’m an awkward introvert and he’s my opposite in every way.

When my boss sends me in his place to a professional sports banquet, I stumble in late and find the only empty seat next to Donovan Taylor, the San Francisco Strikers’ resident hottie with the bad reputation. I promptly embarrass myself because I have no idea who he is.

Then he kisses me and asks me out.

Let's be real--I program computers for a living and play mahjong for fun. I don't hook up with gorgeous green-eyed players and stroke their egos or their abs--although it’s a hell of a good time--because I know it will never last and I’m practical to a fault.

But I’m gunning for a promotion at work, and Donovan just may be my key to getting it. All I need to do is convince him to do me a small favor--and avoid falling for him in the process.

Except that Donovan is nothing like the player I expected. As my feelings grow, I start finding it impossible to pretend I’m only in this for a promotion. Sure, he’s hiding secrets, but they won’t be enough to break us. Will they?

So what if his moves off the field are as impressive as his moves on it? All’s fair in love and sports, and I intend to win.


Berkeley Hills, #5

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