The Summer of Him

He's a gorgeous actor who charms everyone in his wake. I'm a travel-weary nobody who's getting over a broken heart.

Separately, we look like opposites. But together, we're kindling waiting for a match.

I suppose I have my two-timing ex to thank. He wrecked our relationship, but I was not about to let him ruin my vacation. So here I am, on a romantic romp through Paris, dining solo at a table for two in the city of love, determined to have a good time on my own.

Enter Chris Conley.

He’s a hot megawatt movie star used to the limelight and women lining up for him. And even though I refuse to be one of them, I have to admit, I'm done in by him—the dark swoony eyes, his unabashed laugh, the cravings he ignited with only a look.

We agree to give each other two weeks. Then real life will kick in.

But is two weeks enough when it might be love?

Part one of the Summer Heat Duet. This book ends with a small cliffhanger that is resolved in Forever with Him.


Summer Heat Duet, #1

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