Love You Truly

Best way to get rid of an evil ex? Plan a fake wedding with a gorgeous heartbreaker and let the small-town gossip fly. What could possibly go wrong?

Just when I’m about to inherit my family’s sleepy winery and bring it to life, my old-fashioned parents throw a wrench in my plans. Thanks to my ex, they’re convinced I can’t run it without a man’s business savvy, so they’ve made him my partner.

The only way out is to marry some other guy.

Dash Corbett comes to my rescue with a pretend kiss in a cowboy bar, and we devise a one-year plan that will help us both. Dash needs a reputation makeover, and I need a husband. Win-win.

And falling for my fake fiancé? Not a chance.

Dash might have a distractingly hot exterior, but rumor has it he’s a playboy–and I’ve had enough of men who don’t mean what they say.

Then I get to know him.

Beneath the surface, he’s a guy with his own vineyard dreams and a cinnamon roll heart. He’s the first man to see me as more than a social butterfly. And when he touches me, I melt like butter on toast.

Soon our pretend relationship starts feeling very real. Especially when he says “my wife” in a possessive way that makes me believe our lie.

Falling for Dash could ruin more than my wine country dreams. But what if I love him truly?

Love You Truly is a standalone, small-town romance in the Buttercup Hill series, where the wine is chilled and the men are hot.


Buttercup Hill, #3

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