Love You Anyway

A Swoony Small-Town, Billionaire-Next-Door, Age Gap Romance

I thought hot nerdy billionaires only existed in books.

Then brilliant astrophysicist Colin Hathaway moved in next door.

After losing his cool on camera, tech’s most eligible bachelor is hiding out in Buttercup Hill, getting a two-week taste of small town life while driving me crazy with that gorgeous smile and those deep blue eyes.

But I need to keep my distance. Not only is he ten years older and my brother’s college best friend, but I’m busy fending off the vultures trying to take over our family winery–and my siblings are just waiting for their little sister’s next bad decision.

Unfortunately, Colin is everywhere I turn. Offering to build me bookshelves, eating grilled cheese sandwiches in my kitchen, flying me off in a luxury helicopter to look at Mars through some fancy telescope.

Who knew the solar system was so sexy?

He’s impossible to resist.

The heat between us is white hot, and no one has ever looked at me the way he does–like I’m smart. Beautiful. Worthy. Strong. When he defends me in front of my family, I realize I’m in deep.

But one slip in front of the media could derail both of our careers. And my heart bears the scars of mistakes I’ve made in the past.

Trusting him could ruin everything I’m working for.

But what if I love him anyway?

Welcome to Buttercup Hill, where the men are hotter than the Napa Valley sun, and the wine flows all day long. LOVE YOU ANYWAY is Book 2 in the series of standalone novels, each with a happily ever after.


Buttercup Hill, #2

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