Vicious Hearts

I’ll do anything to save my family. Even if it means marrying the devil himself.

Cillian Kildare is a monster wrapped in charm and sophistication. A gorgeous psychopath with venom in his veins and sadism driving every beat of his cold, black heart.

When I’m sent to kill the vicious Irish mafia boss to settle a debt from my past, it’s supposed to be simple.

It becomes a lot less simple when Cillian catches me, and carves his way into my darkest secrets and most deviant desires.

Now, captured and bound as his prisoner plaything, he has new plans for me: an unholy marriage of inconvenience.

He’ll protect me from my past. And for six months, I’ll give him my body, my soul, and my submission—willing or otherwise.

It’s just physical. A contract and nothing more.

But the devil, as they say, is in the details.

And if I’m not careful, this devil might soon break his way into something else:

My heart.


Dark Hearts, #2

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