Reckless Hearts

I’m caught in the psychopath’s web.

Cold, heartless, and as dangerous as he is beautiful. Deimos Drakos is Greek mafia royalty and my worst nightmare. A chameleon hiding a true monster in plain sight.

No one sees the villain behind those dark, lethally gorgeous eyes.

No one but me.

You see, I know his worst secrets. But he knows my darkest fantasies. And he’ll use them to trap me.

To toy with me.

To own me.

We’re blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Except true psychopaths like him have no lines.

No limits. No mercy.

Deimos Drakos is a devil who once told me to run and never look back.

I should have listened.

Because now he’s going to chase me. He’s going to catch me, and flay open every dark part of me.

But he’ll never capture my heart.

Reckless Hearts is a standalone, dark mafia, blisteringly steamy, enemies-to-lovers romance with a smart, good-girl heroine, and an ultra possessive, morally gray, dark-hearted hero with “look at her and I’ll unalive you” energy. Readers are HIGHLY advised to read the TW inside. No cliffhanger; HEA included.


Dark Hearts, #6

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