Twisted Hearts

He saw what I did. Now he owns me.

Brutal, formidably gorgeous, and head of a vicious Bratva organization.

They call Gavan Tsarenko a king. I call him a tyrant.

But now, the man with the gun-metal gray eyes and scarred past has come to conquer me.

You see, I screwed up. I traded my good-girl status for a bad grad-school prank that went horribly wrong.

And now, for six months, I’m Gavan’s.

My enemy.

My monster.

My dark fantasy.

The savagely beautiful villain holds my debt and my fate in his hands.

And what does the man who can have anything want with me?


But he’ll never take my heart.

Twisted Hearts is a standalone dark mafia, blisteringly steamy enemies-to-lovers romance with a smart, good-girl heroine, and an ultra possessive dark-hearted hero with “look at her and I’ll unalive you” energy. Readers are advised to read the TW inside. No cliffhanger; HEA included.


Dark Hearts, #4

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