Sinful Hearts

My first mistake was sleeping with the most dangerous man in New York, without him knowing who I was.
My second was believing he never would...

It was supposed to be easy: one night of sin with a beautiful stranger to forever cut ties with my Bratva past.
But I didn’t pick a stranger. I picked him.
Hades Drakos, the dark prince of the Drakos Mafia family, is a lethally beautiful psychopath with a trail of broken hearts and bloodshed in his wake.
Oh, and he’s my client.
It doesn’t matter that our one night was under darkness, disguised by masks.
He knows my secret sin.
He knows it was my first time.
And now, he’ll use that to trap me as his own personal Persephone.
But even though the God of the Underworld might have my darkest secrets and sinful submission in the palm of his hand, I swear, there’s one thing he’ll never capture.
My heart.


Dark Heart, #3

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