The first time I meet him, he is the hunter and I am the prey.
The second time I see him, the reaper is knocking on my door.
The third time, I am told he will be my husband.
Every time we meet after that, I question if he will be my enemy or my lover.

He says he’ll teach me the rules and consequences to this world of ours.
It’s a dark place of give and most definitely take.
And as my future husband, he’s supposed to protect me at all costs from the shadows that threaten my family.
But am I ever truly safe when I’m with him?

Or with them?

Masked men tasked to watch over me. Stalk me. Rarely leaving my side.
If he can’t always be the hunter, he makes sure they can.

I may be able to run from one, secretly enjoying the primal chase.
But when there are three…


Heathens Hollow, #2

Release Date