Sucker Punch

Caught in the middle of three men who demand what they want, I soon discover that I am the one they’ll fight dirty to keep.

With my legacy on the brink of destruction, I enter the fight of my life, determined to do whatever it takes to hold on to what’s mine.

Sin, debauchery, body sweat all around me. Dangerous men want what I have inherited, and corruption suffocates the air I breathe. With no other option, I’m cast in a world of underground cage fighting full of violence for money.

But I’m an innocent girl completely out of my league.

Except, I’m not alone.

I have them.

This is their world.

Will they be my saviors? Or the masters of my ruin? The power of three to take me down, but they also have the power to build me back up… if they choose.

There’s Frankie, also known as Freakshow when he’s ready to fight. Unpredictable, dominating, and a brooding storm that intensifies with me in the room.

Bones is the one who truly sees me for the woman I am. He can break down my walls with little effort, and the man makes me weak in a world where I need to be strong.

Then there’s Lotto. He’s the protector, the leader. His eyes never leave me, and they never will. He’s watching. Always watching. But he awakes hidden demons I can’t resist.

To these men, I bring chaos, but in me they unleash something more…

Survival. Redemption. Dark desires.

Each one of them is different, but they each have something in common.

They all have an obsession.




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