Lavish Corruption

Alta Hensley, Stasia Black

Good girls don’t break rules—but for one night with him, any risk was worth it.

Walker St. Claire is my older brother’s best friend and strictly off limits. Especially while he’s an Initiate during his Trials to gain entrance to the secret society.

But after a lifetime of following the rules and being the good girl everyone expected me to be, I’m ready to break a few. Especially if it means Walker will finally turn his devilish gaze my way.

When he sees me at one of the secret society parties, at first he tries to get me thrown out. Until circumstances and his own needs force us together. I finally get what I’ve always craved—his hands on me. I drop to my knees before him, and finally, he stops seeing me as just his best friend’s pesky little sister.

One taste was never going to be enough. But when I go back for seconds, I’m suddenly caught in a web more dangerous than I ever knew.

Because a girl’s gone missing.
And I’ve been chosen to continue on at Walker’s side as her replacement.


Breaking Belles, #6

Release Date