Lessons in Gravity

Sexy. Spanish. Rockstar. Trouble.

Studying abroad in Spain is a total escape for me. An escape from real life, from the pressures of college, and, most importantly, an escape from the drama surrounding my parents’ divorce.

If I hook up with hot Madrileños along the way? All the better.

When I meet gorgeous Spaniard Javier Montoya at a bar, I assume our hook-up is just a one time thing. Yeah, he’s the sexiest guy I’ve ever slept with. But he’s also the guitarist for one of the hottest bands in Europe. With his reputation, I know I need to keep things casual.

But when our one night stand blossoms into genuine friendship, Javier starts to wonder out loud if I’m the “forever girl” he’s been looking for.

Too bad I believe forever is more fiction than fairy tale. I’m a first-hand witness to the nasty the divorce my parents are going through, and there’s no way Javier can convince me that fairy tales exist. Hot sex? Yes. Happily Ever After? Absolutely not.

But this sexy Spaniard is out to prove me wrong…


Study Abroad, #2

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