Dirty Pucking Play

She’s his coach’s daughter, but he’s willing to risk it all for her...

Juliette Anderson needs a change of scenery and a new purpose in life.

So, when her parents suggest she moves to Orchid City, she doesn't hesitate.

What she doesn't need is to catch the attention of the hot shot hockey player next door.

Juliette does not date hockey players and Mac Sullivan is no exception to her rule.

Even if he’s insistent on changing her mind…

Mac Sullivan never was good at following rules.

When his coach's daughter moves in next door, he can't seem to keep his distance, even though he knows she's off limits.

Juliette challenges him and she doesn't fold like most women do under his charm.

He likes that about her. He likes everything about her.

She tells him they can't get involved and Mac decides he'll do whatever he has to do to change her mind.

It's a dirty pucking play, but Mac Sullivan only plays to win...


Orchid City Series, #4

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