Meet Me in the Penalty Box

After a nasty break-up with her ex, moving to Orchid Beach was like a breath of fresh air.

Harper landed a brand new job as a sports photographer for a professional hockey team.

It was just what she needed to get away from everything she had ever known.

One drunken night at a club had her sneaking into another room with a stranger.

But that stranger ended up being no one other than Nico Cirone.

The star rookie player for the Orchid City Vipers.

The same team that she was now working for.

And that made him completely off limits.

Nico Cirone had been at the top of his game, but as a rookie, he couldn’t afford to lose his new position.

His luck felt like it was stretching thin and there was only one solution.

He needed a new good luck charm.

And after running into Harper, he knew that he had finally found what he was looking for.

It was an easy arrangement, one they could both benefit from.

He would help her forget her ex and she would help him play the best hockey he’d ever played before.

It was supposed to be simple…

Until it wasn’t anymore.


Orchid City, #1

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