The Lie of Us

Winter left Orchid City six years ago with a broken heart and never once looked back.

She put it all in the past and was living the life she always dreamed she’d have.

Yet, she was still haunted by those stormy blue eyes.

When her parents leave their estate in Winter’s name, she has no choice but to return home.

And she finds herself face to face with the very person who broke her heart many years ago.

Malakai traveled the world as a professional golfer who was running from his own demons.

It's been six years since he pushed away the one person he truly loved.

He brought the two of them so many years of heartbreak.

But he finally has the chance to make things right again.

Knowing that Winter is back in their hometown sends Malakai back to where it all started.

And he has no intention of letting her go again…


Orchid City, #5

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