The Tides Between Us

Giana Cirone’s life had been far from easy.

After losing her hearing as a child, she had to adjust to a world of silence.

To a world of misunderstanding, where she found herself constantly having to accommodate others.

But the ocean was the one place where she never felt misunderstood.

It was where she felt at peace and Giana was determined on saving it, along with the marine life that called it home.

She dedicated her existence to that cause, now living a simple life until one morning.

The morning that professional surfer, Declan Parks, shows up with an injured turtle.

And she realizes that it isn’t just the turtle that needs her help.

An unexpected injury sends Declan Parks to Orchid City for some much needed R&R.

His plan was simple:

Continue rehabilitating his shoulder and return to the west coast so he can get back to his life and his career.

But that all changes one morning and it leaves him questioning everything.

He knows he can’t get lost in her tides because he has a life waiting for him.

But regardless of how hard he tries, he can’t seem to stay away…


Orchid City, #2

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