Unexpected Love

What happens when Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong?

Thanks to an extremely embarrassing one-night stand, I, Staci Benson, make a pact with myself.
Focus on grad school.
Stay away from sex.

It should be easy, right?

Enter Kyle Slade.
Infuriating to the core.
One sexy nerd. My new boss.

Forced to spend time with a guy I can't stand? Check!
Arguing every point because he's the complete opposite? Check!
Developing feelings for said guy...Check?

How am I supposed to find Mr. Right when Mr. Wrong keeps getting in the way?

My darkest hour is yet to come.
When truths are revealed,
I’ll be left wishing I stuck to my pact.

A heartwarming, steamy, opposites attract romance, Unexpected Love is the second installment in the Unforeseen Destiny Series. Set out to read Staci’s journey as she learns the valuable lesson of life’s unexpectedness.


Unforeseen Destiny, #2

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